Natty Sask Farms

 Alberta Grown Hemp Products


About us

We are 4th generation farmers on the urban fringe of Edmonton, Alberta. With such close proximity, it goes without saying that Edmonton is part of our community. This drives us to provide meaningful, healthy products for our neighbours and beyond. As part of a larger family operation that grows potatoes, canola, wheat, barley, oats, peas, and animal forages; Natty Sask Farms cultivates and processes hemp. We chose to specialize in hemp products because of the high quality food and fibre coming from this conspicuous crop. It is our goal to bring products to the market that are healthy, connect people to the fields, and provide an opportunity to get to know their rural neighbours. 



hemp Products

Our raw hulled hemp and cold-pressed hemp oil are the first of our hemp products.

We also produce hemp fibre for partnering companies in Alberta, Canada.

We are striving to build on 3 generations of
farming history by bringing new products to our Edmonton Neighbours
— Darren Haarsma